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1. Buy insurance from an independent agent or a broker to get a discount


Independent insurance agents and brokers have a long list of companies they can write insurance through. How annoying is it to call every agent in town and get a quote from each of them? When you work with an independent agent/broker you are quoting with an ARSENAL OF COMPANIES rather than just the 3 you had the patience for to give your information. 


2. Multi-Policy Discount


You always get a discount when bundling insurances with one company. Is this bundle always cheaper NO. Going back to independent agents and brokers these are the guys who can quote your insurance with loads of companies rather than just one. Because of your age you are more or less appealing to certain companies. Likewise, you home or apartment is more or less appealing to certain companies. An old driver would be best with companies like The Hartford, MetLife, Sublimity, etc, but their home might be priced better with State Auto, Austin Mutual, or Safeco. A younger adult would be best suited with Travelers, Allied, and Safeco, and their homes of the same variety but sometimes they are best split between two companies such as my policy and my grandmother’s policy.


3. Paid-In-Full Discount


What type of business doesn’t give you a discount for purchasing upfront rather than making payments? Most do. The only tricky thing is making sure each month to keep in mind you need to put money aside each month just for insurance. All insurance companies will charge you more over the course of the policy to make payments. Think about it they gotta pay someone in their billing department to take care of it once a month.


4. Switch Your Insurance Discount


Again a tricky discount. I advise no sooner than 3 years no later than 5 years to switch your insurance carrier. Again I will mention the possibilities of an independent agent or broker who has those options. I can already hear some of my clients “but don’t you get a discount for loyalty and being with the same company for donkey’s years?”. The answer to that question is as follows yes, and NO. Yeah, it shows up on your policy as a loyal member, or a gold member been with xyz company for umpteen years. Each time I have quoted a policy with a loyalty discount there has been hundreds of dollars of savings per year.


5. Accident/Ticket-Free Discount


Pretty black and white here on this one if you’re a safe driver you’re going to be rewarded. It seems like every driver has a clean record during quoting, yet when the DMV records are pulled everyone has a skeleton in the closet they were trying to hide. It is important to keep record of your tickets and accidents for a period of 5 years. You have a DMV record, as well as an Insurance Score. Your tickets and accidents may fall off of your DMV record after 3 years, but they stick with your insurance score for 5 years. Some companies will rate your policy off of the last 3 years, others go off of the last 5 years. Your premium (the cost of your car insurance) will go up as much as 25% with such incidents. So drive safe folks!


6. Good Student Discount


A mother’s favorite. You can always tell who has high school students because the first question I’ll get is “Do you offer good student discounts” the answer is yes. Insurance companies study and test the market each and every day. They don’t want to lose money, so they find out who the more risky drivers by statistics from all sorts of studies. They have found students who have a GPA of a B or higher are more alert and responsible drivers. Insurance companies reward such drivers by giving a discount worth the effort of the student.


7. Credit Score Discount


Very similar in reasoning to the good student discount. Insurance companies have learned that people who have good credit are as a whole more responsible in not only their driving, but affording their insurance period. Insurance companies are no different from banks and loaning agencies in this aspect. So pay your bills on time! If you’re struggling to pay your bills, let’s get you some benjamins back by quoting your insurance again.


8. Restraint Discount


Sounds barbaric doesn’t? You want your body to be safe in the event of an accident right? So does your insurance company. Discounts are given by driving vehicles with restraint devices such as airbags and seatbelts. If you love to drive around an old pickup truck like me, you might wanna consider getting a daily driver and keep your old camping, hunting, adventuring truck at home. Which brings us to our next discount.


9. Pleasure Use Discount


It is a pleasure to drive your old car, truck or motorhome, but they aren’t on the road everyday. If your insurance policy isn’t written the right way you’re not getting a discount for not driving that vehicle. Low mileage cars also receive a discount for similar reasoning.


10. Features Discount


I’ll just lump the rest of car features into one. You receive discounts for the following daytime running lights, anti-lock brakes, and security systems. Anti-lock brakes are important for Utah drivers because these aid (aid not perfect) you in stopping on ice and slippery roads. 


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