What is PIP on my car insurance?


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What is PIP? What is APIP?


Insurance can be SUPER confusing! Thus why I write this blog. Let me start with PIP. Personal Injury Protection this is what PIP stands for on your car insurance paperwork. What is APIP? Additional Personal Injury Protection. These are protections which protect YOU the driver. What do you need PIP or APIP for? PIP is for use if and only when YOU cause the accident.


You may have coverages 100/300, BUT those only cover YOU IF you are in an accident where there is an underinsured or uninsured motorist who causes the accident. If this situation happens each person is covered to a max of $100,000 in injury and the total accident of $300,000. These are your liability limits. The limits of a liability you cause by being at fault in an accident. It is called liability insurance because you are held liable for the damages you cause.


Let’s go back to PIP. Personal Injury Protection protects your bodily injury to the limits stated on your policy. Quite the shocker to see how low those are isn’t it? Again, limits are for your bodily injury heaven forbid you cause an accident. Let’s say your PIP Coverage is $5,000, you get into an accident which you are found liable and at fault. You sustain injuries of $10,000. XYZ insurance company is going to pay you out $5,000 for your medical bills. What about the other $5,000? These expenses are to be covered under your own medical/Health insurance. What if you don’t have health insurance? In this case the $5,000 will come out of your own pocket. 


How do you get the most coverage for yourself in the event you cause the accident? You max out the PIP which can go as high (depending on the carrier) $25,000. If this isn’t sufficient you can get APIP (additional personal injury protection) which can add up to $10,000 more. The most you can get is $35,000. If you feel like this isn’t enough protection, then you need a good health insurance plan who won’t reject claims which have resulted in a car accident. I recommend getting the most PIP you can as well as getting a decent health insurance plan which I can also help you get.


As always, thanks for reading. I hope this was informative. If you would like a second opinion on any insurance policy give me a call, let’s talk about what coverages are best for your situation.


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