Dental Insurance Is It Worth It?


Is Dental Insurance really worth it?


Well If you want a grill like this horse then dental insurance is not for you. Those who want the pearly whites I have a plan for you! Growing up there were times my parents did and didn’t have health/dental insurance. It wasn’t until I looked at Dental Insurance on my own that I realized why they were on and off. I feel like there are some Dental plans which are not worth the price. You don’t get the bang for your buck. I wanted a Dental Insurance plan that I personally was comfortable with so I did some research and found what I was looking for. The gem has been found and I believe in it, so I help other people get the coverage.


Now you want to know what this plan is. Here is a stand alone plan from ABC company: Classic Dental HMO $1,500 Annual Max; $50/$150 Basic/Major Deductible; 90% Preventive/70% Basic/50% Major IN Network Only. Here is the Stand Alone Dental Insurance Plan I like: NO Annual Max; NO Deductible; NO Waiting Period; Major 50-60% savings; Basic 75-80% savings; Preventive 100% (after $10 co-pay) savings. Orthodontics 15-25% savings. 


To compare the two for the first one for one person it’s $17.00 a month the dental plan I like is $17.25 a month. ABC you have an annual max of $1,500, you have to pay $50 deductible for basic than 50% of the rest of the bill. Preventative care you have to pay 30%. Where TDA you have no annual max, you pay $10 for preventative care 20-25% for basic care with no deductible. 


Putting the two to the test. ABC $204 in premium annually (what it costs to have the plan) TDA $207 a year. Office visit which it is recommended to go 2 times a year roughly $200. With ABC that costs $20 each. TDA $10 each. Holding a cavity bill in my hand Total is $714. ABC that bill costs $50+$214.20 (30% you owe) = $264.2. TDA our portion comes to $74. We had two of these bills on year one. Total cost of yearly ABC $204+$20+$20+$264.20+$264.20=$808.4 TDA $207+$10+$10+$74+$74=$375 Cost without insurance $1,828.


For easy math no insurance $1,800. Dental insurance with ABC company you save $1,000 and pay $800. TDA’s Dental Insurance Plan you save $1,400 and pay $400 (Teeth cleanings alone are $400 a year). Is it worth it to have any Dental Insurance? In most situations yes. Is TDA worth it? For someone who has never had a cavity in their late 20’s and got two in one year it ended up being well worth it. No cavities with Dental Insurance $227. No cavities without Dental Insurance $400 if you pay cash you might get that down to $300 maybe even $260. All I see is savings no matter how you look at it. Now that you have looked at it I’m sure you agree with me that TDA Dental Insurance Plan is the way to go!


Feel free to sign up through those links, just click on Utah I like the Vantage Care Plan so click on that, and sign up right through my link, fast easy and have Dental Insurance in less than $20 minutes.


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