The Demise of Our Healthcare

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As an insurance professional, I have been fed up with rising costs of insurance, and the dropping payout coverages of the insurance companies regarding Health Insurance. Dr. Rachot gave me a tour of the Lehi facility last night and explained to me how Medallus works and why it is so great. I have obtained his book titled “The Demise of our Healthcare” written by himself Rachot Vacharothone, MD through extensive research he did. The only man I can compare him to, with his high level of thinking and drive to carry such a beneficial plan to doctors and clients, would be Steve Jobs. I can honestly say I now have a desire to be more like Dr Rachot.

Did I mention he is from Utah? Did I mention he has a healthcare plan for those who do not have insurance or have insurance but want to lower their out of pocket expenses. Did I also mention there is no open enrollment period, no bull, and no paying out the wazoo for doctor visits. Strep test plus checkup and office visit $10. X-ray, cast office visit $10, cardiac arrest TEN DOLLARS! This man has found the solution and it’s a win-win for the doctors and the clients. To find more call, text, email whatever your prefered communication is and you too will gain from these extraordinary benefits.

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