Healthcare Part 1 “The Problem”


This video above explains why the United States of America is going through a healthcare crisis, what caused it, and how health insurance began.


As an insurance agent I’m always looking to better understand the market and educate my clients on that market. I feel it important to educate those who don’t know all of the information of my industry. There is so much to learn about insurance and its ever changing world. The insurance industry changes daily. If you and I don’t keep up with it and understand what we are paying and why, then we will be stuck with an insurance plan which is outdated. This video also explains the pros and cons of “obamacare”.


When I learned about this information directly from the man who created this slideshow presentation, Dr. Rachot, I felt strongly about it and felt the need to educate those around me. He has written a book on the topic titled “The Demise of Our Healthcare We can prevent it”. I highly recommend this book. If you want to understand why you’re paying so much for your insurance and they aren’t paying as much of your claims, then this book is for you.


In the next blog post I will discuss the solution Dr. Rachot has come up with. Interestingly enough, it is exactly what America had before Blue Cross started the health insurance industry. It is obvious to see either way that our healthcare system, if it keeps heading in this direction, is going to FAIL. The reason it is going to fail is because there is no end to premium hikes, or doctors making visits more costly and complicated. If you are as frustrated as I am then continue onto “Healthcare part 2 “the solution”.


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