Healthcare Part 3 “The Business Solution”


This video explains how you as an employer can reduce the expenses of health insurance, and healthcare in general. Summed up, we teach you how to reduce risk and claims paid which reduces your premiums paid to health insurance companies and your out of pocket expenses. This plan can help you get a REDUCTION at renewal up to 10-15%. This reduction is not a reduction because of reducing your benefits, this reduction is a REWARD to you as a company for reducing your risks. Even a get paid back for unused premium dollars! What more could a company ask for?


Who will be happy? You as an employer will be happy, because you will have happy and health staff. Your staff will have an integrated plan to visit a primary/urgent care doctor for $10 per visit. No further expenses, no further claims, etc, just $10 per visit. Your employees will be happy knowing if they get a sore throat they can get a strep test and the whole visit will cost them $10 out of pocket and nothing further. No hidden charges with fine print. The doctor is going to be happy to treat patients more frequently and have a goal of keeping the patients happy and healthy rather than hoping they are sick and have to come in.


This insurance plan is a true win-win-win-win. No one goes away unhappy with this plan. 


Are you tired of paying more for less year after year? Let’s make a change today, so you and your employees can be healthier and happier, mean while you look like the hero for giving them such an amazing benefit for working for your great company.


As always thank you for reading, if you have more questions or would like a quote my information is listed at the bottom.


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